Mummy Ne karz Chukaya

Mummy Ne karz Chukaya

Rupees One Lac was a big amount in those days, when I was a school going kid. Father borrowed it from Abdul, the money lender in the village. Abdul was a man full of lust and loved abducting mothers and daughters of poor villagers, who could not pay his dues in time. While he preferred fucking virgin teens himself, he often threw mothers and wifes in front of his bodyguard Usman, a man blessed with body of Lion and Penis that of a donkey. The sight of Usman’s Phallus often made abducted mothers and daughters piss out of fear. While mothers and daughters fucked by Usman cried and cried, the Spectators and Seth Abdul laughed out of their wicket hearts.

So when father couldn’t pay Abdul’s dues, he took him to Village Committee for a hearing. All eminent people like Sarpanch, Committee Members, Thanedar etc attended the meeting. Abdul demanded that till the time loan remains unpaid, my Father would send his Wife ( my Mom ) to his Kothi (Bunglow) for offering domestic services. And that Abdul would have all rights to even treat her as a wife taken on Rent.

My father, a Sane brahmine man couldn’t believe the turn of events. He loved Mom so much and always kept her always behind the four walls of the house. Mom hailed from a rich family and always wore a pallu over her head in public places. But this Pallu couldn’t protect her assets from being entering into the eyes of lusty villegers. Villegers always praised Mom’s assets, as her Blouse and Saree refused to hide her tight buttocks and ripe mangoes hidden within her brasier.

The saree often went between her ass cheeks clearly exposing the wideness of bottom. Snakes of Young and Old bastards in the Village hissed in their Pants when Mom walked in Local Sabjee Bazar. As a school going kid I heard many of them shouting bad words at Mom. “Oh Bhabi ki Gaand to aaj Lund ko pagal kar degi”. Some Old Men used to shout from distance “ Are Bahu, kab tak apane Kabutaro (breasts) ko choli me kaid kar rakhogi” “Kabhi khabi inhe azadi bhi de diya karo”. Even Pandit jee at the temple used to shake his prick in the Langot when Mom bent for his blessings. I could then see as a kid that Pandit jee was aroused with a direct glimps of Moms ripe Mangoes hidden in her bra. Mom’s body emitted a fragrance that always forced hundreds of cocks in the village, desire for the honey-pot between her legs.

Now when the news became official and Village committee announced decision in favour of Seth Abdul. Father couldn’t look up and Mom saw lust in everybody’s eyes and hard on on everybody’s Pants. Everybody now wished to become friends with Seth Abdul. Abdul patted my father on his back and said “Vinod Bhai, I promise you that by the time you pay my dues, I will transform your wife into a first class Whore” “ I will teach her all aspects of cock handling and leg spreading techniques. Abdul Seth said “Vinod mere Naukar Usman Ke Lund ki Shadi hogi tumhare Bibi ki Fuddi Se, Agar dekhna chaho to mere Ghar Par chale aana.

Sarpanch consoled my father, saying “ Vinod kuch hi dino ki baat hai, Bhabi ko kahna, Abdul Seth ka khayal rakhe aur uske virya (sperm) ke yoni me pravesh se bache” “Kahi Abdul tumhari Bibi ke garbh me apana beej no bo de”. “ Aur ho sake to Abdul ki minnat kar lena ki uska Naukar Usman Bhabi ke Pichwade (Backside – Anus, the arse-hole) se dur rakhe, warna wo Bhabi ki Gaand do tukde kar dega”.

As per Judgements passed, Mom was sent to Abdul’s Home as a domestic servant. Few days passed without any untoward incident. One day, Abdul ordered Mom that, it would be a late night party and she will have to serve liquor to dignitaries attending the party. Mom was asked to wear a low neck blouse and her Suhag ka Joda. All rich and influential people in the village came to attend the Mujra with dinner staged by Seth Abdul. Mom was silently serving the clients with desi and videshi liquor.

Her low neck blouse offered a clear and direct view of her ripe boobs with nipple buds clearly visible out of her tight brasier. By this time the Mujra Girl on the stage was performing dance on lewd songs in semi naked clothes. Thanedar asked Abdul “Seth jee, Vinod ki Bibi ki fuddi ke darshan to kara do” Abdul laughed mischievously “Are Thanedar sab jaldi kya, aap chaho to saali ko apane bache ki maa bana do” ( What is hurry, you can even make her mother of your child). “ Ab to iski Chut, Gaand, Mummay aur Muh, sabhi daw par laga hai” . Abdul said, I am delighted at the way this lady is loyal to Vinod and covering all her assets in a peticot and saree, but we will turn her into a real raand.

Suddenely, Abdul seth announced a live sex show, wherein a pretty young teen was brought on a leather sofa. Abdul announced, I am glad to inform you that, Sarita, youngest daughter of Girdharilal, a farmer will be initiated by Usman into a fine woman. Sarita, the young captured girl was constantly crying and her chest was going up and down out of fear. Usman came with Sarita. He had tightly held Sarita by her hair. He pulled her towards sofa and when she resisted, he slapped right in her face. Sarita almost fainted. Usman shouted “Teri maa ki choot, nakhara nahi karna”

Now Sarita was standing infront of all guests and Abdul seth shouted “Usman iske Santare (Oranges) to bade kase hue lag rahe hai, Jara sabhi mehman logo ko dikhana”, Usman simply pulled the Kamij of Sarita and it went off with a sound of Tarrrrrr. Sarita tried covering small breasts with both hands. Usman gave another slap to Sarita and blood spilled from her young lips. He said “Girdharilal ki Laundiya, teri maa chod dunga, agra fir nakhra kiya to”. Now Usman simply slipped brasier of Sarita to upper side and petite boobs of Sarita were visible to all guests. All guests clapped loudly in appreciation of Sarita’s tight boobz, forgetting that, their daughters at home too have similar boobs. But it was Abdul’s party meant for merciless fucking of wives, mothers and daughters of anybody who was deprived by situations in life.

Now Usman started brutally pinching Sarita’s 16 year boobz and girl started crying loudly. She was so very embarrassed to see that all the gentlemen sitting in front the stage whom she called “Uncle” with respect, were all full of lust and rubbing their own pricks. Few had even taken out their long pricks in the open air and were pulling at it. Usman then suddenely put his hand between her legs and started rubbing young girl’s fuddi from over the salwar.

The girl started heating up and her cry went louder. Abdul seth gave a nod and Usman pulled the knot of girl’s salwar. Salwar dropped in Sarita’s legs exposing her white panties. Usman now uncovered the panty front portion with a finger and showed young girls white Choot to all guests and they clapped lustfully.

Usman then with two fingers opened cuntal lips of crying girl. Inside it was tight flesh shining red and pink. Usman took out his 8 inches Lund out of his pant and made girl kneel down. With a hard slap girl opened her mouth with big “O” and in went Usman’s Lund. Sarita was eating the big black cock of Usman, all smelling pungent. Abdul Seth announced to all guests “ Bolo Girdharilal (girl’s father) ki maa ki choot” Girdharilal ko badhai, uski Laundi ab banegi Aurat. Usman now took the girl by her hair and spread her legs full wide.

He applied lot of spit on Sarita’s cunt and kept his cock head on the pink lips of her Fuddi. Usman shouted “Sarita ki maa ki Chooot” and gave a thrust, but the cock head slipped out of cunt and girl gave a big cry. Abdul Seth shouted on Usman “ Sale Madarchod thik se chod ladki ki choot ko….ek bar me Choot fat kar khoon bahar dikhna chahiye”. Usman noded “Jee Malik”. Usman slapped Sarita, took both of boobs in his hand and gave a forceful thrust. Sarita cried in deep pain “Oooooh mummy…….” She almost fainted, but Usman’s Lund had done the damage. Lund broke Sarita’s Seal of integrity and went straight into her Womb. Usman’s Lund got truly married to Sarita’s choot.

Now Usman started gyrating his Lund in and out of crying girls choot. Everybody clapped as they saw Usman’s Lund covered with Blood from Sarita’s Choot. By this time everybody had taken out their cocks in their own hands and were masterbating. Everybody came over Sarita and ejaculated their sperms on Sarita’s face telling her “Sali Kutiya mast raand hai tu aur ab pure Mohalle me Chudegi tu” Seth abdul simply looked at my Mom who was serving liquor and was very much ashamed at this fucking session. Abdul seth told Mom “Raani Ab tum bhi apni choot me tel laga kar taiyyar raho…..ek ache rand ki tarah. Mom becoming Raand.. in next part..
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