My First Encounter With Mami

My First Encounter With Mami

Hi this is Suhail Khan. I am from Aligarh and this is true biography about me and my mami Ghazala. It goes back to September 1999 when i was studying in graduation in Delhi and was staying with my mama and his family. His family consisted on himself, his wife, a daughter and a son. My mama is a clerk in a government hospital, mami is a school, and his kids were in school. They had a three bedroom flat so i was occupying one bedroom, one for the couple and one for the kids.

Now how it happened. It was during September 1999, mami used to take shower daily around 11:30 at night, it so happened one day that when mami came out of the bathroom and was going towards her bedroom i had a glimpse of her body which was almost visible as she was wearing nighty which due to being wet got almost transparent. I had an erection, till that time i had no sexual feelings towards her but from that moment i started to masturbate thinking of her. One night i when she was in bathroom, i tried to peep through the door but couldn’t. Next day i found that the pipe connecting the bathroom and toilet was not properly fixed and had some space between wall and pipe making a small see through sort of whole.

I broadened that hole in such a way that if she is under the shower, i can see her. That night, i waited for her to enter the bathroom; the moment she went in, i went to the toilet. I saw everything from taking off her clothes to putting the nighty. It was a great achievement for me, but the only problem was that i was not able to masturbate in the toilet, so when she was about to come out, i moved to my bedroom and shagged. This became a daily routine. This was going well for 15 days or so and one day when i was shagging in my room, suddenly mami came in with some wet clothes in her hand (actually i had a clothes stand in my room which i use to put my washed cricket clothes) to put them on the clothes stand. The moment she entered the room, she saw me shagging and i shot my load right then. She came in and hung her under garments (bra and panty) on the stand and went back.

Next day again she came to my room to spread her under garments, when she went back then i masturbated. Now this became a routine, that she comes, hangs her under garments and goes back. I got more courageous and started using her bra to masturbate. For around a couple of months this was continued and somewhere in the first week of December when i was masturbating, she again came back and caught me masturbating with her bra. I got tensed that now she is going to burst me out. But she smiled and said, “jab ho jaye to bahar kursi pe rakh dena” and went back. I got confused that what exactly was in her mind, but that night i couldn’t get my erection back. I just went to the hall and kept her bra on the chair as she said.

From the next day i avoided her eye contact and even didn’t watch her bathing. But her routine of leaving her bra in my room continued, i even didn’t touch that. I could just hold myself for a week max and again i started to peep through the hole, wait for her to leave her bra in the room and then masturbate. I clearly remember it was 24th of December; my mama had to go to Saharanpur for 5 days the very next day. I was masturbating with her bra in my other hand; she came to my room and just stood at the door. I stopped moving my hand tried to hide my lund inside the blanket. She laughed and said, “Suhail, tum mujhe roz nanga dekhte ho, aur mujhe dikhane mein sharma rahe ho, roz meri bra se khelke muth marte ho, chalo bahar nikalo mujhe bhi dekhna hai tum kaise muth marte ho.” i moved the blanket, but, my dick shrink back. She again said, “kya hua, baith gaya, main khada kar dun?” she didn’t even wait for my reply and took my dick in her hand and started moving up and down. I was hard again in seconds, what she did next was completely unbelievable, she took my dick in her mouth started sucking. I was on seventh sky and pushed my hand inside her neck to grab her boob. I started pumping her boob then she took her mouth away and pulled her nighty over her head.

I kept staring her nude body she said, “teen mahine se roz mujhe nanga dekh rahe the, kya dil nahin bhara?” i said, “door se hi to dekha hai, aaj pehli baar itni paas se dekh raha hoon aur chhoo raha hoon,” she replied, “ab bas dekhte hi rahoge ya kuch karoge bhi, chalo side mein ho, mujhe bhi ghusna hai.” she came and lied on my bed beside me and started playing with my dick, with the other hand she took my hand put it on her cunt and said, “is se khelo, sehlao thodi der ise, jab gili ho jaye to pel dena apna yeh musal is mein”, she squeezed my dick saying this. I caressed her cunt and fingered it for some time and it was fully lubricated, i positioned myself between her thighs, pulled her legs on my shoulder and pushed my dick inside. She said, “aaah, oooh, halke halke karo thodi der, dheere dheere dhakke badhana, main itne din se tumko hint de rahi magar tum pehal hi nahin kar rahe the, mujhe hi khulke aana pada.” i said, “mami, mujhe dar tha ki kahin aap bura na maan jayein, muth to main aap ke naam ka hi maar raha tha itne din se.” she replied, “chalo ab muth nahin choot maro meri”, i gave 7-8 hard strokes and found pressure building in my balls, i said, “mami mera hone wala hai,” she replied, “bahar mat nikalna, mujhe andar hi chahiye tumahara garam garam maal, bhar do meri choot, bhar do, yeah yeah yeah yesss, yessssssssss haaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn pelo pelo pelo pelo,” and she had orgasm and at the same time i filled her with juice. We both had orgasm at the same time.

I kept lying over her for some time with my dick inside her and my chest crushing her boobs. After about 10 min, my dick popped out of her cunt and my semen started flowing out of her cunt. She took my baniyan and wiped her cunt. She slept in my bed with me nude; i also slept and woke up with a feeling that something is happening with my dick. I saw mami was sucking it and it was hard, she mount me and positioned my dick at the entrance of her cunt and slid down taking my full length inside. When she got settled she said, “khelo mere thanon se, dabao inko, chooso in chuchion ko, ragado inhe” i did the same as she said. She started moving up and down on my erect dick giving me strokes and in about 8-10 minutes of fucking i again filled her cunt with my semen. In this time she had also came twice i suppose. When stood up from me, my semen started flow from her choot and then i realized the amount i injected in her. I said, “mami, bohut sara gaya hai dono baar, kahin aap pregnant to nahin ho jayengi?” she replied, “nahin, koi dar nahin hai, mera uterus remove ho chukka hai, main pregnant nahin ho sakti, tum pareshan mat ho. Subah ho gayi hai, tumhare mamu uthne wale honge, unke jane ke baad aaungi phir ek round lagana hai, tum kapde mat pehanna, aise hi kambal mein let jana, theek hai, maine inko nashta kara ke chhod ke aati hoon.” i said, “theek hai mami, aap jaiye, main aise hi wait karta hoon.” she went and i slept naked in the blanket.

I don’t know when i slept; i felt some sensation in my dick and woke to up see mami sucking my dick. It got hard instantly, she was in her same nightie i extended my hands and grabbed her boobs from over the nightie. Soon she was naked again and was under me with my dick in her juicy wet cunt. I fucked her for about 20 min and filled her with my semen again. I kept my lund in her choot for some time till it got soft and popped out. She said, “Suhail, tum bachchon ko nigar ke yahan chhod aao, phir hum araam se do din tak khoob jee bhar ke chudai karenge.” i said, “theek hai”. Then i put some clothes and had breakfast, and during breakfast also i pumped and pinched her boobs while she pressed my lund couple of times. After breakfast i dropped the kids to Niger’s place. We fucked for two days like rabbits. It is when she told me that mama fucks her almost daily but never satisfies her. He never does any foreplay or oral and cum in just 2-3 strokes and then sleeps.

This was the starting of my new relationship with mami. Our relationship continued for 5 long years. In these five years i not only fucked her and other females of the house too.
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