Ladies Tailor Ni Meri Wife Ki Chut Le LI

Ladies Tailor Ni Meri Wife Ki Chut Le LI

Hello Friends. I am Rahul, age 29 from Ahmadabad, first time writing the story based on real experience. Kindly excuse me for my English. Without taking much time let me narrate the real incidence happen in my life just few days back. I have been married since 6 year. My wife Neha(age 28) is a beautiful cum sexy woman. Usko dekhke kisi ka bhi man ho jaye aisi uski figure hain. She is having 38-30-38, and fair in colour and 5″5 tall. Her nature is kind of conservative and emotional too (at least she pretends).

Few day back she told me that she wants to go to Ladies Tailor for preparing blouse, which she wants to wear for some family function. As i was free on that day, I accompany her. We went to one tailor, which was recommended by our neighbour, as we are new in that area. We entered in shop and saw two tailor, one was working on machine, and other one who seems to be boss, welcomed us. I took sit on sofa, and neha started discussion with him.

After formal discussion, tailor asked her for measurement, and called her to one corner (may be that could be the only place where he used to take measurement). I was busy with my mobile, and he started taking measurement. Meanwhile let me brief ladies tailor. He was young, 5″8 tall man with fair complexion. He was having quite athletic body structure. Suddenly I thought to look at them, and I saw him, measuring neha’s boobs, and i realise that her thumb was pressing her boobs (might be normal while taking measurement). That scene strikes my mind. I was too possessive about neha, and she was also for me. But I don;t know why, That scene gave me jealous cum anger cum arouse feeling. So I acted like I am normal, and started observing them.

Neha was quite normal (may be that is the standard procedure while taking measurement). One he completed with cup size measurement, neha asked him to make it little tight, and told him that previous measurement might be loose, so he again stared measuring. This time I saw him pressing thumb and index finger pressing her boobs. And this time it was pressing her boobs literally with more pressure. Then he told her to rotate body, as he wanted to take measurement of some area below boobs(where woman tie hook of blouse). He started it , and neha was instructing him like little upper….little lower…… little lower …and i observed that he was taking benefit of that, and one of his figure was slightly touching her top portion of bumps.(Wow that gives me more excitement I cud not believe…..). Tailor was also enjoying measurement, that I Could easily figure out from his gestures. Suddenly I looked at nehas face, when he was touvhing there, she was slightly smile. (OMG, she is liking his touch i thought, but it maes me hot too…)

Once he finished, neha asked him for time to complete and we left. Few days later, neha asked me to bring blouse , which I obeyed, and get it. After trying it @ home, she complained me that there is some problem in fitting, and told me that she needs to tamper it. As I was busy with workload , and I had to move for office, I asked her to approach tailor, and prepare it as she wants. I left for office. While I was coming out of my house, I heard neha calling tailor, and asking him to come home so that she can explain him properly where to alter blouse. Suddenly though come in my mind, and I decided to stay at home, but in secret. So without her knowledge I adjusted myself just behind the window of our bedroom. After 15 min tailor came to home. He greets neha, and asked for the problem. (Neha wore black semi transparent saree on that day).

Neha: Ye kaisa blouse banaya hain tumne , kitna loose hain …..
Tailor: Nahi madam , maine measurement ke hisb se hi banaya hain …galat ho hi nahi sakata.
Neha : To ky ame juth bol rahi hu ???
Tailor: To aisa karte hian, fir se me measurement le leta hu , par 1k kam karo , aap ise pahan ke aao , to me dekh ke jan saku ki kaha alter karna hian.
(both were in drawing room at that time, but it was quite visible and audible to me)

Neha went to bedroom. Galati se (ya jan buj kar), usne darvaja thoda sa khulaa rakh diya. And she started removing her saree, and remove blouse. She was in pin bra at that time, and started wearing blouse. Suddenly I notice tailor was watching the scene from gap of that door, which was mistakenly remains open. He would able to see her back. He was quite excited by watching neha’s semi naked back in pink bra. And initially I felt angry, but simultaneously I felt some excitement between my legs. So i decided to watch entire scene. Neha just wore it and came out of room. Tailor was observing her boobs (he has right to do so lol), and pretending that he was identifying the problem.

Tailor: Madam ye to sahi lag raha hain, kaha loose hain.
Neha: yaha se (pointed out front area from where cleavages could be visible)
Tailor: I think muje thik se dekhna padega, agar aap is saree ke pallu ko thoda….. h ..a ta… do me dekh ke thik kar saku.
Neha: (hesitate little bit,looks here and there, assures no one is there, dhire se pallu hata diya) .
(wow, tailor is having dissert, As i was in cros position i could see her cleavages from side angle, and tailr from front angel. I could see, his eyes shining by watching wonderful 28 size boobs cleavage as blouse was little loose .He could not stop watching that, and suddenly neha realise that tailor was actually observing cleavages, she immediately cover it by saree.)
Neha: Kya dekh rahe ho …

Tailor: Kuch nahi dekh raha tha , ki aisi Galati mujse kaise ho gayiii
Neha: Aab mallom pada na ki kaha se thik karna hian ??
Tailor: 1k bat batau madam , aap aise hi raha ne do ….
Neha: (surpise) kyon ???
Tailor: Nahi aise hi bataunga to aap gussa karogi
Neha: Batao na ….nahi karungi
Tailor: agar aap aise rakhogi ….To ..

Neha : to…
Tailr: to ….
Neha: (hold his hand )to…bolo na
Tailor: aapke thode or bade ho gayenge ……38 se 40 ke …..
Neha: Kya?????
Tailr: sach me madam,…agar aap ise thoda loose rakhogi to iska groth hoga …(he point boobs)
Neha: (sharmate hua …) kyat um bhi ……..bahut naughty ho
(I felt shocked….conservative neha, uski comment pe Sharma rahi thi ……oh my god)
Tailor: nahi madam , me kaha naughty hu ….

Neha: To us din kya kar rahe the , nap nahi rahe the or ..
Tailor: Or…
Neha : Kuch nahi …tumhe nahi maloom ….
Tailor: Sach bolu madam , apako dekh ke koi bhi na control kar paye …
Neha: dhat…aacha 1k bat batao ..tum or kuch bhi site ho ???
Tailor: sab kuch , aap batao aap ko kya silana hain …
Neha: Actually muje 1k jince silana hain …agar tum kar sako to ..
Tailor: Thik hain , par measurement lena padega na madam
Neha : To thik hian le lo ..

Tailor: Par aap ne saree pahani hui hain, to isme exact nahi aayega ..
Neha: (thoda soch ke)…thik hain aisa karo mere room me chalo …..vaha jake le lo …
Tailor: thik hian
And he started following her…..
Room me jake , neha removes saree…and was in blouse and ghagra…
Tailor: (was stun ) wow madam …kya bat hain ..
Neha: tum measurement lo ..

Tailor started measuring, he was quite open now , and pressing her body portion specially ass…while taking measurement.

Neha: Ouch….kya kar rahe ho chubh raha hian …
Tailor: nahi madam , me to aram se hi le raha hu ..!! dekho ….aap ki bajah se muje kitni pareshan ho rahi hain …(and he pointed his erected dick )
Neha: dht……gande ho tum to .(kamuk andaj me …and i was watching her new avtar )

Tailor come closer and usne neha ki aank me aank milayi …or dono 1k dusre ko thodi de raise hi dekhte rahe , and suddenly thoda sir niche karke , he kissed her ……………………..
Neha did not respond, so he kissed her again …is bar usne repond kiya and started kiss him back …..tailor ha 1k hat uske kulho ko press kar rah tha ..or dusre se vo neha ko apani or khinch raha tha ……

(me bahut excited feel kar raha tha)
He pulled neha on bed……And started removing his cloths, and in second he was in his underwear. I could see his erected dick from over the underwear . neha also started removing her blouse and gaghara, and came in pink bra and penty. Vo bed pe leti hui thi. Tailor uske pas aya , to neha ne apana hath underwear ke under dal diya ….or uska loda bahar nikal diya. She told him…”tumhara mere pati se thoda lumba hain ..par patala hain” (mine is 6″ he must be having 7″) (and she close her eyes ..with blush)

Tailor: Rani aaj to tuje or bhi maja aayega ….

And he started removing her bra and panty ….

Uske bad usne apane lips uske nipple par rakh diye , and neha started moaning …ahhh…uuuhm,,,mmmm…..maja aa raha hain raja….kab se tumhara intjar tha ..i know u r gud in fucking aaaahhhh…aaahhh…

Tailor stops by listening this. He was surprised and asked her how she knows that?

Neha: meri padosan hain na?

Tailor: Kon ? kya nam hain …
Neha: neemabhabhi ……unhone bataya…tha …..
(oh my god….so this tailor had fucked my neighbour……gr8….)
Tailor: Par madam , aap ki bat hi kuch or hain …vo to aapke samane kuch bhi nahi …
And he started sucking …he one finger was playing with nehas cunt simultaneously, and neha was moaning like anything …
Neha: Aja na raja ..come and fuck me like rand …aa ja ..

Tailer changed his move and started inserting dick …and within no time he was pumping like anything …

Gachahh …..gachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…gahhchha…..gachhhh
Neha : Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh a ahahaha …ahahhahahha
(i also cumped by watching live fucking of my wife in front of me)
After 15 minute both were separated, wear cloths, exchanges hug and kiss mobile number and he went away.

After some time I rang door bell, she opened door with sime.
Neha: kyon ji aaj jaladi aagaye ….kuch bhool gaye kya?
Me: nahi, taboyat thik nahi hian isliye …..
Neha: Thik hain , aap aram kare me bath le ke aati hu ..
And she went for bath.
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